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Student Party Capital North East

Safe and Friendly
Newcastle has a reputation for being a safe and friendly city to visit with Geordie lads and lasses mixing well with strangers

Student Population
Also, Newcastle University and Northumbria University add to the cultural mix by attracting students from all over the UK and round the world so that more than 50,000 students live and study close to Newcastle City Centre, sharing music and providing a population of pub and club goers enjoying a whole range of musical genres from accoustic, electronic, hip-hop, dub step and RnB

Eclectic Range of Tastes
It's no surprise that Newcastle Upon Tyne has developed into a City Centre with a 24/7 culture to become an acknowledged party capital recognised worldwide and available here in the North East

Overseas Visitors to Newcastle

Ferry Terminal
The ferry isn't just about trips to Amsterdam but can bring many Eurpoean vistors to North Shields on their way to enjoy the main tourist destinations, visit the Metro Centre before discovering Amsterdam is not the only destination with a Night life

Newcastle International Airport
Our busy airport acts as a mid-mainland hub for tourists and business travellers from all over the world that may not be using Newcastle as a final destination but a starting point to visit other places; hopefully after a few memorable nights in Newcastle

Rail Terminal
The Central station joins the North of Scotland with the West Coast and Travellers from all over the South of England to help local and overseas visitors reach Newcastle

Newcastle Nightlife


Newcastle - One of the Top Nightspots

Most Popular Nightspots

Independant Visitor Reviews
You just have to read "wikipedia", check out the "The Rough Guide" or visit "Tripadvisor" to find out how popular Newcastle has been over the last few years as a UK and world destination for people looking for a City with a buzzing nightlife

Easy Walking Distance
The really great thing about Newcastle City Centre is the compactness: Almost all of the most popular nightspots are within a few minutes walk of each other and nestled between the Central Station to the South and the University campus to the North

20 Minutes End to End
Walking from the Central Station would take you about 20 minutes to the furthest City Centre Pub or Club although if you want to sample a cross section of Newcastle night life you could let us help you plan a route so you're never more than a minute or 2 from a great night spot


Newcastle - DJ Nightspots

Cheap Taxis Round Newcastle

Why Walk in Killer Heels
If you prefer to save your energy for the dance floor, want to stay warm over the Winter months or avoid the worst of the weather in killer heels then why not share a taxi with friends to sample the best of the Newcastle night spots for just a few quid

Stag and Hen Parties
Many couples "tying the knot" choose Newcastle for their last and possibly best night of freedom before getting married as most of the clubs and pubs can offer discounted drinks or special deals for parties

Mix Business & Pleasure in Newcastle

With an enviable range of top hotels nestled close to the Quay side, meeting rooms that can be hired by the hour and some great places to eat, Newcastle is recognised as a great hub for seminars, corporate meetings and nights where company members or business clients can talk in a less formal environment

Link: Discover Tequila and The Margarita

Link: Hen and Stag Parties




Event: Vodka Wednesdays

Venue: Revolution

 Collingwood Street

Postcode:NE1 1JF

Tel:0191 261 8901

Open: 11.30 - 2.00

Discount Drinks

User Rating:

Instead of Orange film Night get The Revolution 2 for 1 on drinks if you have a priveledge card •
Music • Chart, Indie, Dance, RbB, Electro, Funky House,


Event: Midweek Madness

Venue: Beyond

 The Gate

Postcode:NE1 5TG

Tel:0191 222 1113

Open: 21.00 - 2.00

Discount Drinks

User Rating:

Latest tunes and drink offers start at 9.00pm •
Entry Prices • Free All Night,

Music • Latest Tunes,

Down The Bigg Market


Inside Bambu

The Gate - Newcastle


Saturday Night and Beyond

Map of Newcastle City Centre


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Taxi NE1

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